Specialization in Interior Design

Start by making a list of the goals for what you want your remodel to achieve. Next, collect photos and gather the notes and questions you have and about the various products and designs that interest you. Thirdly, create a budget. Your budget will determine what you can do. Consider how you will finance the project whether by cash, home equity line of credit or some other means. Finally, talk to an expert. We specialize in getting your project done right the first time. Call today!


“CRP constructions did a great job on our home remodeling project. I highly recommend them!”
– Chris and Lynn, La Jolla


We are committed to the design of buildings that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally responsible that provide occupant comfort and/or worker productivity.


Established in 1990, the company currently employs over 12 engineers, contractors, and installers.